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ON AIR: South Carolina's liquor laws hinder business
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ON AIR: Put the people of South Carolina in charge
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ON AIR: Outdated South Carolina laws
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ON AIR: Chairman Ed McMullen on The POINT
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Did you know South Carolinians can purchase beer and wine in 37 counties on Sundays but liquor stores are closed?

This ban on Sunday liquor sales is based on outdated and antiquated laws from the prohibition era – laws that don’t reflect the lives of 21st-century citizens. 

This unfair and outdated policy needs to change.

Local referendums have been held throughout the state for over 20 years that let voters decide if beer and wine can be sold in stores on Sundays in their county. But oddly, South Carolina citizens are prohibited from voting to allow local liquor stores to be open on Sundays. Why? Because beer, wine, and liquor are not regulated the same way. 

It’s time we change this unfair law. 

The good news is there’s a sensible solution available now. Legislation is being debated in our state legislature, which would grant voters the right to decide if liquor stores can be open on Sundays. 

The best part is, if any local referendum passes, liquor store owners will have the freedom to be open or stay closed on Sundays. For consumers who can already purchase beer and wine on Sundays, you would also have the option to purchase liquor. Everyone wins. 

This kind of legislation has overwhelming public support across the state – finally, something that people across party lines actually agree on! 



Cheers! Let South Carolina Decide is a coalition of business owners, community organizations and individual consumers who believe it’s reasonable and fair for stores and their patrons to have a say in how – and when – they shop. 


If you agree it’s time for South Carolinians to decide if we want Sunday liquor sales, please join our coalition. Signing up takes one minute and there is no financial obligation. 


Cheers! Let SC Decide has a simple but attainable goal:

For 2024, we are urging state lawmakers to pass sensible, straightforward legislation that lets voters in each South Carolina county decide for themselves whether liquor stores can open on Sundays. 

State law already allows voters in individual counties to vote on Sunday sales of beer and wine, and both businesses and consumers value the option.


We simply want to extend a similar option for businesses and consumers to make their own decisions about the sale of liquor.


Not only is that fair, but it’s overwhelmingly supported by citizens and businesses across the state.


Businesses can always decide to not sell any product on any given day.  And consumers can always decide not to buy any product.


Cheers! Let SC Decide wants to give businesses and consumers across South Carolina the freedom and fairness to make those decisions for themselves.

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