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By: Cheers! Let SC Decide, Mountain View Economics

The study found that lifting the ban could generate more than $2 million in state excise and sales tax revenues per year. 


By: Cheers! Let SC Decide, Trafalgar Group

Polling released today by The Trafalgar Group shows that 61% of GOP primary voters agree if beer and wine are allowed to be sold in retail stores on Sundays, liquor should be too.


By: Cheers! Let SC Decide

South Carolinians are joining together to support the right to vote on Sunday liquor store sales in their county. Over 5,000 have joined Cheers! Let SC Decide – 1,000 in the last week alone in support of legislation (HB 3013), which would allow voters in South Carolina to decide if they want Sunday liquor store sales.


By: Ed McMullen, Midlands Biz

Business owners aren’t allowed to operate in their best interests. And whether you’re talking about lifelong residents, recent arrivals , or people visiting us on vacation, consumers are losing out.


By: Maegan Carter, WACH Fox 57

Now in SC, beer and wine retailers are allowed to sell their products every day of the week while spirits retailers and craft distillers are prohibited from doing the same.

Open Sign

By: Cheers! Let SC Decide, PR Newswire

A new coalition is formed supporting Sunday liquor store sales.

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